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Lodging L'Aquila: Visit the city of L'Aquila

The 99 “Cannelle” Fountain

Lodging L'Aquila:
Detail of the fountain (99 Cannelle)
The 99 Cannelle Fountain was built in 1272. What strikes most visitor is the wonderful water show: water flows from the 99 “masks” witch stand for the faces of friars, man and woman’s head. These figures represent the original 99 castels whose collaboration led to the foundation of L’Aquila.

Castello Cinquecentesco
It is a spanish fort set up in 1532 by Don Pedro from Toledo.
A square plant and walls with huge corner bastions are simply the facade of one of the rare monuments you can visit today in Italy. In fact this is the seat of the National Museum of Abruzzo and in its rooms you can see various archaeological finds, works of many artists and the famous Elephas Meridionalis, a fossil mammoth found near L’Aquila in 1954. This fort is surrounded by a deep moat and a green park.

So in Rome as in L’Aquila
In L’Aquila every year is a holy year. Pope Celestino V, the day he was crowned, established the “Grande Perdonanza” which is celebrated yearly on 28 august from 1294.
In that day the Holy Door of the Basilica di Collemaggio (the only one in the world except that of Rome), is opened.

Our cultural tradition enables tourists to visit museums and exhibitions, to take part in conventions, concert season and theatrical performances which are usually settled in our churches or buildings to convey a sense of charm and atmosphere.
Tourists who prefer to see the panorama of L’Aquila, can visit our naturalistic reserves: Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga, Parco Velino-Sirente and Maiella. The Massive Gran Sasso, with its highest pick called “Corno Grande” (2912 m), is an ideal place for people fond of trekking and climbing, but, at the same time, is perfect for families who want to go on a mountain hike.

Our local dishes are simple and tasty, cooked according to an old tradition: for example we still have the “chitarra”, an old instrument used to prepare egg noodle. Our table is full of salami (the famous “mortadella di Campotosto”), Cheeses and legumes that you can eat together with local wines and the delicious herbal bitters.

The Caves in Stiffe 
At 17 km from L’Aquila, you can visit the Caves of Stiffe, the most important example of the karst phenomena in Abruzzo. Speleological guides illustrate this marvelous site, where a subterranean river creates fantastic light shows between its stalactites and stalagmites.

Lodging L'Aquila:
The basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio

L’Aquila and its villages placed on the Navelli plain, are the heart of the tradition and the commerce of saffron in Abruzzo. This famous spice, as precious as gold, was the moving cause of economic and commercial development of our territory. Local dishes are, still today, cooked with this essential ingredient.